Buying Books

Buying books for college can be an expensive and not to mention exhausting endeavor. Most textbooks seem to cost a lot of money and are usually big & heavy which makes them even less appealing. There are also always the stories that come associated with buying textbooks from former students, grads, friends etc.

Chances are if your professor requires you to purchase a textbook it will be to your benefit!

Luckily the St. Lawrence College book store offers a number of different options that will allow your book buying process to-be much easier, more efficient, and much cheaper.

Buying New or Used

The book store carries all of the required textbooks for each program that will be taking place on campus for the following term. They offer you the opportunity to purchase your textbooks both new and used (of course depending on availability). All used textbooks are looked over by staff to make sure that they are in good condition and contain all required information.

The option is yours!

Renting Books

What, you can rent a text book?!

Absolutely, the St. Lawrence College bookstore offers students the opportunity to rent their textbooks for the semester! This means that you pay a rental fee for the semester, which will be much cheaper than purchasing the book.

You must consider that there are stipulations associated with renting textbooks. The book will need to be looked after and ultimately returned in the same condition that it was originally in before you took possession. This provides the opportunity to rent the book again to the next student!

Digital Textbooks

Every student carries some form of electronic device with them. The bookstore offers digital course material and even digital textbooks. This option will save your carrying around a number of heavy books all day.

Digital textbooks would be great for any student who may have a longer distance to get to and from campus. Also a student who requires multiple textbooks each day!

Bookstore Buyback Program

If at the end of the semester, you realize that you will no longer need your textbook, you can check out the Buyback program! Our campus bookstores will buyback your textbook and even pay up to 50% of the original purchase price on select titles. The book must be in good shape as well as be inspected by the bookstore staff.

This is a great way to get some extra cash back. I mean, what college student doesn’t enjoy having some extra cash!?

Price Match Guarantee

Our bookstore will match price match books that you find cheaper elsewhere! For more information, check out;–1/price-match-guarantee

You have a number of different options and have the ability to choose whatever works best for you! Stop by your campus bookstore, say hello to the friendly staff and scoop up everything you need for the upcoming semester!