Coming To College

Coming to St. Lawrence College means you’re already on the right step towards your career. There are just a few things that need to be covered.

Tuition Deposit

In order to confirm your spot in the program you were accepted into there is a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit fee due for all students by June 15. If you’ve been waitlisted and are still waiting to hear back from your program, sit tight. Keep checking your OntarioColleges frequently for updates in order to know whether or not you’ve been accepted into the program. You also suggest that you contact a recruiter for help on what to do! (

Transfer Credits

If you’re transferring over from another school or returning as a mature student who has already completed some post-secondary schooling fear not, some of your credits may be transferable and can be put towards the completion of your new program. Therefore, the best way to see if you have any transferable credits is to get into contact with your program coordinator, this can be found on the program page on the St. Lawrence College website. You will be able to discuss the possibility of an individualized learning path.

OSAP Funding

Usually, when accepting a college offer, the second thought after “OMG I’m going to college!” is “OMG how am I going to pay for this?” That shouldn’t be the case. In our “OSAP – What’s the Deal?” video we talk with one of the OSAP funding front runners, Kevin. He explains the most important things about New OSAP. Kevin also explains this whole “free tuition” deal and states that you are now given grants and if you are given enough grants to cover all tuition costs, you essentially have free tuition. Another change that he mentions is that the amount that you make and other funding you receive, like RESP’s, now has less of an impact on the amount you will be granted. Click here for more OSAP information.

Click on this image to take you directly to the OSAP – What’s the deal? video!!
Scholarships & Busaries

Speaking of money, scholarships and bursaries are the best way to pay for school. It’s free money! The application for the first round of consideration for bursaries has already passed but you can still apply for second round consideration if the application is sent in by June 30th! The application is simple – it asks about some personal information, educational information, and about your financial situation. After filling out all of that you will have officially applied for the second round of bursary consideration.

Campus Tours

You may have taken a tour of the school before you accepted, with your high school, maybe, or even with your overexcited parents, but nothing compared to the feeling of being able to walk around a school that you now know will be your second home come this fall. It’s important to book a tour after you’ve accepted the offer because the second time around you’ll be able to notice things that you didn’t the first time. During this tour, depending on when you book it, you may be able to purchase your parking pass and inquire about your book list.

Coming to college can be an exciting and scary time for new students. Making a plan of action and creating a list of important dates and tasks can help to make the transition easy and enjoyable. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them our way!

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