How To Deal With Roommate Disagreements

It is inevitable that most of us at one point or another will have some sort of roommate. Having a roommate can be either a fantastic experience or a horrible one. It can feel that the contributing factors are completely out of your control.

College offers a fantastic chance for you to learn the qualities you do and don’t like when it comes to roommates. On most occasions, both parties are moving out of their childhood home for the first time and are completely new to the whole experience. This creates a clean slate for both parties. The opportunities are endless!

It is important to remember that everyone has disagreements and conflicts, roommates are no exception. There are a few tactics that you can develop and utilize to potentially avoid or at least make them more manageable.


The first and most important step to avoiding and solving any type of disagreement is communication. “Putting things on the table” and making it clear on some of the expectations and responsibilities   Establish a sense of openness and let your roommate know that you are available for conversation whenever needed.

Roommate Agreement

A roommate agreement may seem slightly excessive but it can be an extremely valuable asset to have in tense situations! Not only will this outline all requirements of both parties, it can be fun to create and read back a few months later to see how you have both progressed.

Writing It Down

Some people do not enjoy confrontation, making it harder to communicate. If this is the case, try writing your issues down on paper. Present it to your roommate and than make time to discuss it at a later date. This will help to calm the situation and give you both time to think about the disagreement.

We all deal with problems differently. Find what works best for you and your roommate. Develop your agreement around your preferences. You spend a lot of time with your roommate, you might as well enjoy it!