Differences between High School and College

For many students, the transition from high school to college can be a very big step. There are many differences and it can be a shock for some students. We have listed 5 of our major differences.

  • Your attendance really matters. When you’re in high school, attendance is mandatory with repercussions like a phone call to your parents if you miss a class or a detention. However in college, it is your responsibility. Rather than a detention or a call to your parents, you are accountable to your teacher and classmates. Many students in their first year are not used to this kind of freedom, so they end up not going to class and falling behind.
  • The school work is going to be harder. A lot of high school students can get decent grades by only doing a minimal amount of studying. In college, you’re going to have to work a lot harder if you want to get good grades. Some professors say you should spend the same number of hours studying as you do in the classroom.
  • Another wonderful thing about college is that there is no social hierarchy like high school. Everyone is off doing their own thing, and no one is really going to judge you.
  • Your schedule is going to be a lot different! In high school you’d usually have a full day of classes, but in college your day could start at 8am and finish by 12pm, or there might be days where you don’t even have classes!
  • In high school, your teachers have many expectations for your work and attendance, where as in college it will be the first time where you’ll be responsible for reminding yourself of these things.

College is time for you to find yourself, gain freedom, learn more responsibility, and have fun!