Last Minute Preparation

As many of you know, classes begin on September 5th. This date is quickly approaching and for some, it can seem as if it isn’t quite enough time. There is always something else that needs to be done, someone else to call or something that just can’t be figured out. The last minute preparation tasks can seem like the worst!

Fortunately, there are a number of different tactics that can be used to stay ahead of the game. Allowing yourself some extra time and a plan to accomplish these tasks is the first place to start! Here is a list of important things to keep in mind as we get into September.

Schedule / Book Lists

Your schedule and book lists are two of the most important components of your college career. Each schedule shows you what classes you have, your professors, class location, and time. The book list will show you the related books that are required for each of your classes. Each has its own benefits. The schedule will allow for time management, planning and coordination. The book list can help with budget allocation.

Plan A Trip To Campus

For those who live within driving distance of the college, it’s always a great idea to come and visit the campus. St. Lawrence offers guided tours and you are able to come and explore on your own. This will provide you with the ability to locate your classrooms, understand building layout and become more comfortable with the campus that you will be spending a fair amount of time at.

Buying Books / Parking Pass

Having the required books will make a world of difference once classes begin. Books can be quite expensive and luckily there are a number of different options where you are able to purchase your books. This creates potential to save money and what college student doesn’t want to save a few bucks!

Students who will be driving to school have two options. You can purchase a parking pass, which is know done completely online, or you can pay for by hour each day. Both viable options, but purchasing a parking pass will ultimately save you a decent amount of money. As a full time student, you also have a bus pass that can help you get around the city.

Additional School Supplies

There are a number of programs at the school that will require specialized tools, equipment, clothing, etc. It would be a great idea to purchase these objects beforehand as the book store has the potential to become busy as soon as all of the students arrive. This will save you time and stress.

Of course, college is still school. You will still require the basic necessities that you have throughout your entire school career. For example; pens, pencils, binders, paper, notebooks, calculator etc. It seems like common sense, but can easily be forgotten among all of the other commotion.

College is a busy place, but allowing time for some last minute preparation will make the process much quicker, more efficient and reduce your overall stress. These are just a few o the last minute preparation tactics we have developed to help us make our first weeks easier.

What are some things that you are doing or have done as last minute preparation?