Adjusting To Residence Life

Time to move out, start college, meet new people and begin life in residence!

Going to college is (and should be) exciting, but there will be some big changes and living in residence is one of them! Residence can be a huge shock for students but it doesn’t have to be. The number one reason for this is the simple fact that many new students don’t truly know what to expect. New place, new people, new rules and most of all, no parents. All of this may seem overwhelming. Building an understanding of the changes, preparing and adjusting accordingly may be the key to a happy residence life!

Smaller Space

The biggest adjustment is the overall size of the space that is now home. St. Lawrence offers both single and double rooms, each with their own unique benefits. Both rooms have different features and will require unique adjustments to make them feel like home.

Residence Roommate

Not only are you potentially living in the same room as another person, now you have up to 500 housemates all living within the same building! Getting to know your roommate before hand can be a huge advantage. This will help to be more confident and comfortable when making the adjustment! Each residence will hold gatherings to help bring students together. Check them out, meet new people, make new friends that can help to make your living adjustment more comfortable!

Sharing Your Space

A double room means that both students live within the same space and must share almost everything. It’s good to think about it in the same context as a hotel room. Two beds, one bathroom and one sink. Developing a mutual respect and understanding for your roommate can go a long way. Sit down with them and talk about what is expected. Conversation is a powerful tool and will help avoid conflicts, disturbances and confusion among roommates.


Great, move out, time to party!

Every residence has a set of rules and regulations that are enforced and regulated with high regard. Unlike living with your parents, you will not be grounded for breaking these rules. With strict penalties and potential impact on your schooling it can take sometime and effort to understand and adjust to what is required of you!

Moving into a new place will take some time and effort to become fully adjusted and comfortable. Keep these factors in mind and prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Residence is an experience that you may only get once, so enjoy it!

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