Time Management For Students

Time management will be one of the most valuable resources you possess throughout college. Balancing your school work with a part time job, friends, sports or extra curricular activities can be one of the most challenging tasks students face. If you lack the ability to manage your time effectively, this can cause yourself a lot of additional stress.

Personal Bullet Journal

So, how do you even begin to prioritize your time? A great way to start is by investing in a daily planner or creating a personal bullet journal for yourself. This will help you keep track of your schedule, record important dates and find time for yourself. A bullet journal is also a fantastic way for you to write down personal goals you wish to achieve throughout the school year.

Planned Procrastination

Once you’ve found the best method that suits you to creating a schedule, it’s time to figure out where everything fits within it. Let’s be real here, it’s next to impossible for someone to avoid procrastination. However, it is possible to plan your procrastination at specific times during the day.  Finding the time for yourself to relax and do absolutely nothing for a certain period of time. It is actually one of the most beneficial ways to recombine your thought elements and boost your creativity. Doing this will assist you in thinking more effectively and clearly. It will also prepare you to power through that last hour of studying or finishing up a final project.

Eliminate Distractions

As soon as your procrastination period is over, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no distractions around that could get in the way of whatever you need to accomplish. Make sure you keep your work space de-cluttered, turn your phone on silent, and get started on your to-do’s. An environment clear of distractions will help increase your productivity. This will allow you to get closer to finishing what you need to get done.

Learn To Say No!

It’s also extremely important to avoid spreading yourself too thin when it comes to your schedule. Many struggle with saying the word “no”. This can be when asked to complete a certain job or to just simply hanging out after class. If you start saying yes to more than what you can take on, there’s a good chance that whatever task you’re trying to complete, you will not be able to put in your full 100%.   Therefore, it is critical to know when to say no, because then you’re aware of your limits. Whenever you need to say no just keep in mind that there will always be another opportunity in the future.

Working on prioritizing your time will help you accomplish more in the end and reduce your stress.   It’s also a good idea to incorporate goals throughout your schedule to help you stay motivated. Getting this organized before or as soon as you come to college will be one of the first steps to set you up for success.