Applying for College? What You Need To Know

Applying for college can be a scary time and you may be unsure of exactly what you want to do. I will be talking about some tips to help make the application process easier as well as some information to know when applying to college.

First think about the programs that you are interested in, then write them down!

Write down what your interests and skills are. Then compare them to the skills and topics learned in the programs you are considering. We have a career coach program to help you figure out what you would like to do in terms of program or career.


Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions! Recruitment Team at SLC are happy to help and get you the answered you’re looking for! If you aren’t sure what program would be best for you they can help you with that as well. We encourage you to talk to someone who has your dream job, ask them how they got there and what they wish they had done! Have questions about student life and how it feels to be a student? That is where the SLC Life: Peer Contact Centre comes in! We can be reached through any of our social media accounts: 
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Make sure you check our website for the admission requirements for the progam(s) you want to apply to! If you don’t meet them there are other options like going into general arts and science to help boost grades or get a credit you may need. The college prep program (GAS Pre Streams)* may also be helpful and it runs all year. By doing one of these programs you increase your chances of getting into your program of choice for the following year! An advisor can help you decide which program is right for you by calling 1-800-463-0752 or emailing

Book a tour! It is important when making a post-secondary decision to see first-hand what the school looks like and what it can offer you. This will help you determine what school works best for you and the vision that you have for your future dreams. You can book a tour by following this link!


Author: Taylor Wilcox