5 Reasons Why Kingston Is The Best College Town

With over 20,000 students residing in the city from September to April every year, it is no secret that Kingston is a student run town. This gives someone, like myself – a social butterfly, more reason to be excited and comfortable exploring and meeting new people! In my experience, Kingston has given students everything they would want in a college town.

To help you see things my way, I have narrowed down my top 5 favourite things about Kingston.

1.  24 Hour Donuts and Baked Goods

It was a year after moving to Kingston when I first discovered Coffee Way and Fardella’s. Naturally, I had to make up for lost time and needed to make sure I gave plenty of business to these two local gems. The secret detail : knowing that there are restaurants available 24 hours a day, and this is a wonderful feeling (and detail) that comes in handy.

There were times when I would be frantically working on assignments at 1am and felt extremely stressed out. As a study break, my boyfriend and I would travel to one (or both) of these glorious bakeries to clear our minds (and stuff our faces). After returning back to my apartment with a stomach full of sugar, I was determined to finish my assignments.

Gorging my face with baked goods did not complete my assignments but getting out of the apartment for a much needed study break definitely made me more relaxed!

2.  The Local Music Scene

An important factor for coming to a college town would have to be the large social scene, which Kingston certainly provides. Personally, I am more interested in exploring all the great music Kingston has to offer. Kingston cultivates a great local music scene by being a destination spot for tourists to see some major artist and local town favourites.

This past August, Kingston hosted a live concert at the K-Rock Centre for local legends The Tragically Hip. The live broadcasting was featured on all major Canadian networks and it was so cool to see the people in my city so energetic and proud!

My favourite local band would have to be the guys in Shushlang. Shushlang is a great collection of heavy rock with a twist of improvisation and a splash of funk! Their shows are crazy high energy and everyone ends up dancing. If you like and follow them on Facebook you can find out when their next show is here!

On Monday nights, I like to check out Montes for their open mic night. Local musicians are always stopping by to play and support one another’s talents, which shows how the Kingston community is one to be a part of.

3.  The Downtown Market

In Kingston, you don’t have to look any further than Market Square to find local fruits and produce!  The amazing farmers market (open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) provides local seasonal fruits and vegetables at an affordable price!

Having this market available helps people to come together to create a local community. It is a heart-warming feeling to connect firsthand with the people who provide you with your food.

4. Barcadia

I am not a huge gamer, but entering Barcadia still gives me the feels of nostalgia. There are over 45 vintage arcade games that are priced at 25 cents a play and vintage console booths that are free!

It’s a spot with a lively atmosphere that makes a great hangout spot to go to with friends!

5. Lemoine Point

Lemoine Point has become a favourite place to go for walks in the fall and spring. The trail runs alongside Lake Ontario and it is beautifully blissful.  Not only makes for a great scenery but there are always so many chipmunks and squirrels that will come right up to you.  The different trails are a playground opportunity to go exploring!

Just please remember safety first when hiking around!

Living in Kingston has introduced me to so many new experiences, friends, and many many food options. Looking back on how I was when I first moved to Kingston to how I am now, I know that I have grown so much. Kingston has helped me become independent and has given me the opportunity to continue to discover myself.

There is always something going on in the city so I have never had to worry about being bored. After living here for over 3 years now, I know that when the time comes to move back home it will be one of the hardest decisions.

Author: Lindsay Medeiros

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