Green Team Winter Coat Drive

Last winter I walked onto the bus. I saw a woman struggling to hold onto her belongings, as she clutched onto her bags I realized, she was carrying everything she owned.

Her eyes were closed, as if she was sleeping in her own home; her arms tightly crossed around her, as if she was holding on to the warmth of the bus ride.

This was her shelter from the cold weather and this was her only solution at the time. I sat at the back of the bus with the intention to watch everyone’s reactions as they noticed the women. Everyone’s expressions changed from the sight of her.

It only took a couple of minutes to transition from the sight of someone’s reality to pretending what they saw wasn’t real.

It is real.

The truth is, that this is the reality of thousands of Canadians, many of whom started out just like you and me.

Keep Kingston Warm  


Be Part of the Solution

That is why the Green Team is running a Winter Coat drive, read below for details:


  • Gently used down-filled coats
  • Ski-jackets
  • Hats, toques, socks, gloves, boots, ski-pants


Coat drop offs are located in:

  • SLC Cafeteria
  • Outside the Student Association (2nd floor)


Accepting donations at St. Lawrence College from October 12th to November 2nd

All coats and materials will be sent to St. Mary’s Parnish Hall where they will be distributed to community members from November 28th to December 16th and from January 2nd to January 13th 2017.