My SLC Life Story

This week we will be highlighting our SLC Lifers on their experience attending the St Lawrence College Open House. Meet Lindsay!

“I remember when I came to the SLC Kingston campus to attend their Open House event. If I did not attend the Open House I could have made an unfitting decision for myself. I originally attended the event to check out the Veterinary Technician program. After the presentation and tour, I began to ask myself: Can I see myself in this job? Is this the right fit for me? I was able to see that although Veterinary Technician is a rewarding career it was not going to be the right fit for me. At the same time, I enjoyed having the tour of the school and learning about other programs. I decided that I still wanted to attend but for the Marketing program. So remember, even if the program on paper seems to suit you, it is best to take a tour and ask questions to make sure you are making the best decision for your education!”

Our Open House Event is Saturday April 8th. Have you registered?