13 Pieces of Advice to College Students

As students of the college, we think it is important to provide students coming to college with some pieces of advice. Read below for the top 13 SLC Life tips for going to college:

  1. Make connections: It is just as important to make valuable connections and build your network as it is to get good grades. Make sure to make connections inside and outside of the college by attending events, participating in informational interviews and emailing those in your network regularly. Great connections can get you farther than you would expect in terms of getting the career that you want.
  1. Learn how to make a good coffee: If you aren’t a fan of coffee, try tea or exercise to increase those endorphins. College includes many moments to make lasting memories with friends but also involves late night study sessions. Make sure you get your energy intake to get through these long nights of essay writing, studying and project building.
  1. Participate in the community: Whether there is something in the community you believe in or something you would like to change, participate in activities that make a difference. Not only does doing this allow you to make connections among the community, but it is also an asset to your resume.
  1. Spend time with your faculty and staff within the college: Take time to meet your faculty outside of the classroom during their office hours. Having a professional relationship with your faculty can be crucial to obtaining the connections and receiving recommendations to get to where you want be in the future.
  1. Don’t skip classes just because you can: College is a lot different than high school. You don’t have your parents and teachers watching your every move and nagging you to go to class. You don’t have to worry about that dreaded phone call to your parents if you missed a class. Regardless, you should treat college similar to high school by setting your own standards and not missing classes just because you have the freedom to do so. Don’t get behind by slacking.
  1. Grades BEFORE raves: Make sure to find a balance between school, work and fun, but also remember that grades should come first. Having good grades will help you get great references among faculty, as well as graduating with distinction – which is awesome for the resume.
  1. Take advantage of the campus services: St. Lawrence College provides many services on the campus to help the needs of its students such as math and writing assistance, tutoring, health services, counselling and more. It is vital that you remember that these services are available to help you get through college.
  1. It is okay to fail sometimes: Accept it and try harder next time. As human beings, we are not always perfect. We are going to experience struggling times. We are going to make mistakes, and we are going to experience failure. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let these failures stop you from experiencing future successes.
  1. Find a spot on or off campus that you love to study at: Each SLC campus includes many areas for the student body to study. Find a space that makes you most comfortable and use it as your study sanctuary. If you prefer to study off campus, we suggest choosing a favourite coffee shop, café or even your favourite comfy chair at home.
  1. Call your loved ones: We know first hand how it feels to be homesick. This may be your first time living away from home, and it may be the first time you are dealing with the responsibilities of life on your own. This may bring feelings of homesickness and anxiety. Calling the people you care about and miss can help to alleviate some of these feelings.
  1. Back up all of your files and don’t forget to constantly use the save button: There is nothing more stressful than having a project close to completion and having technology malfunctions that results in having to start fresh. Make sure you back up your files and save them often to avoid last minute mishaps.
  1. Participate in college extra-curricular activities: SLC provides many opportunities to be a part of the college such as clubs, sports and even volunteering for college events. Participating in activities outside of the classroom will help to make friends, achieve awards and most importantly – HAVE FUN!
  1. Be proud of your accomplishments and allow yourself to change and grow to become the person you aim to be!