4 Things That Will Make You Stand Out As An Intern

Working as an intern can be an absolute overwhelming situation. Obtaining the internship is a stressful experience on its own, but now you are faced with starting your position. It can be intimidating once thrown into a new company and working alongside employees who are typically more experienced and more educated. But remember, you should not feel pressure by your supervisor to perform perfectly throughout the 6 weeks you are there. Remember that this is a learning experience!  However, you can stand out and impress your intern supervisor by doing a couple of things.

Take On Side Projects

Consider taking on a side project related to something you are interested in within your industry. This could also include taking a class, attending a webinar, teaching yourself a tool. Be sure to to keep an intern journal to record your achievements throughout your internships. Share what you have learned with your intern supervisor and present it in away that really showcases your passion. Not only will this point out your accomplishments but it will also be a good way to get valuable feedback from your supervisor that will help you grow more.

Network. Network. Network!

Love it or hate it, networking is crucial towards getting noticed. It may not land you the perfect job but it can steer you towards opportunities and making contacts. Start off your internship by being your authentic confident self and introducing yourself to other interns, co-workers, and managers. Basically everyone! This is a great opportunity to learn more from people about their professional experiences and goals. You may even land yourself a mentor who can give you valuable insight into the industry.

Be Reliable.

You may not be getting paid from your internship but do not let that affect your motivation. Believe it or not, you are being depend upon by your intern supervisor. It may not feel like it because it is not a permanent position but your supervisor has likely planned out your work activities for the next few weeks.  Show that you are serious about the position and arrive early, prepared, and organized. Focus everyday on your work ethic to ensure that you are on your game.

Speak Up!

Unsure about a project? Need some help using some tools? Do not be afraid to ask! Remember your intern supervisor is their to help you and offer feedback. A great intern supervisor will understand that you may need guidance and will provide you with regular feedback throughout your internship, but speak up if you are interested in meeting more often.

So if you are interested in becoming a full-time employee at the place you are interning you need to become an asset first! However once the internship is completed companies cannot always hire on interns due to lack of resources and their budget. If this happens though, there is no reason to feel down because companies are happy to give out references and there is always the possibility that this company could offer you a position in the future.

Author: Lindsay Medeiros