5 Tips For Starting Your Winter Semester

  1. Check into all of your course through blackboard and be sure to remember your online courses as well! If you treat online classes just like you would on campus courses it’ll make it easier to form a routine of spending the time each week on the course. I recommend checking with the instructor on how long you should be spending each week on lectures/work since the classes aren’t assigned a time slot.
  2. Be sure to prepare a binder and notebook for all of your courses. Take notes and keep track of assignment due dates as well as test due dates. 
  3. Get your binders ready as well as find/replace any items you may need for the next semester! Empty your binders and get them ready for the new semester. This will help in organization and overall feeling of being ready for the new semester.
  4. If you are feeling nervous about particular courses check with counselling and accessibility/Student Success Facilitator and see if they can help you form a plan of how you will be successful. This could be tips on staying organized or a tutor to support you and spend extra time on the material with. 
  5. Get out there and make a list of goals that you want to accomplish for the upcoming semester! This will help you become focused on your success and future. This can look different for everyone with some people needing more support than others. You can always make a list and an appointment to talk to your student success facilitator or program coordinator.

Author: Taylor Wilcox