6 Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

First apartment ? Limited on space? Try these 6 tips to make the most out of your first apartment!

So you have done the dorm life and have maybe tried living with a roommate and you’ve decided to either live on your own, with your partner, or with your bestie; well congrats on your decision! One of the great things about moving into a student apartment is that you have more freedom.  Your apartment maybe a lot smaller than you expected but hey that’s a small sacrifice you and your budget are willing to make. The transition from dorm life to student apartment does not have to be overwhelming or an expensive task.  Listed below are tips to help make your student apartment feel like home!

  1. Use Furniture That Has Multiple Uses.

A student budget and a small apartment doesn’t really allow for multiple pieces of furniture.  It’s not feasible to have a coffee table, arm chair, and a couch but you can certainly find furniture that is an all in one. This will cut down on space and money! I lucked out in purchasing a futon that is convenient for when friends come up for weekend visits. Anything foldable will become your apartment BFF.

  1. Choose a Colour Palette

Implementing a colour palette  with a few chosen colours can give the illusion that your furniture looks like it belongs together.  Small pops of color keep things clean, simple and make your apartment look larger. My furniture is a mix of new and old but with a little paint and some colour coordinated throw pillows it looks more put together.

  1. Add Mirrors

To make a huge difference of a small space, place a large mirror horizontally on one side of the room.  

  1. Add Floating Wall Shelves

Shelves are essential for living in a small space they provided much needed storage without taking up any floor space. You can place them just about anywhere and they will make sense! Add things to shelves that you don’t use on a daily but would still like easy access to.

  1. Don’t be Afraid in Accessorizing  

Just because you live in a small space does not mean there’s no room for accessories! If you’re living by yourself, with your partner, or with your bestie you still have the freedom to spruce up your place.  Add chic accessories like shag rugs, framed artwork, and fresh plants.

  1. Explore Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/)

When I first moved to Kingston, I was constantly on Pinterest looking for inspiration, ideas, and DIY projects to boost my creativity in decorating my apartment. Depending on your style, there are tons of ideas to choose from.

As a bonus I’ve  included some stores located in Kingston that have made decorating my apartment exciting!

The Kingston Collective (https://www.facebook.com/ygkcollective/)

I  recently discovered this cute artisan shop while doing my Christmas shopping and with a bit more of a budget, I will definitely be making more purchases to spruce up my apartment. I was told by the owner that 90% of everything in the store is locally made in Kingston and that the other 10% is from Toronto.  If you plan on moving back home or to another city after school is completed, how cool would it be to have beautiful, artisan, and reclaimed material pieces in your home from your college hometown?

Pickers World Market (http://pickersworld.weebly.com/)

I promise you, you will find something interesting, useful, and nostalgic to buy from here. Pickers World is like your very own personal treasure hunt, just don’t rush the process and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to look. You will not be disappointed!

Homesense (RioCan Centre, 656 Gardiners Rd)

Honestly, I have spent way too much time (and money) in Homesense. There are so many unique decorative pieces to choose from and I find I can spend a lot of time going through each aisle.  Homesense prices are more on the mid to high price range but it depends on your budget and what you’re buying! I have gotten some great deals on rugs and kitchen ware which would have probably cost a lot more if I had bought them from somewhere else.  

I have never experienced living in a dorm but moving into my first apartment in college is so exciting! Although there is so much more responsibility, you got it under control and will love the freedom that comes with it!

Author: Lindsay Medeiros