A Letter to My First Year Self

Dear First Year Self,

You did it!

You’ve chosen your program, you’re eager to conquer those assignments, and you’ve made your family, teachers, and yourself so very proud. So give yourself a pat on the back.

Amongst the many accomplishments and successes to come your way, you may encounter some hurdles.

First off, don’t try all-nighters to perfect an important assignment. First year self, please don’t ever do that. The coffee crash the next day and being exhausted in class is not worth the sleep deprivation. Give yourself lots of time, prioritize projects while keeping due dates in mind to ensure you give yourself enough time to review and edit as need be. Even a weekly visit to the Writing Centre for assistance can make a huge difference.

Meet as many people as you can, get involved, and make memories! There are so many opportunities on campus to part take in physically or socially. Group fitness classes are a fun way to work out, or playing squash with a friend can make for some friendly competition. Clubs like Enactus, Toastmasters, SLC Alliance, Best Buddies, and so many more can help you reach out to people with common interests, passions and goals. Click here for more information on interesting and fun clubs at SLC.

I know you want to hang with your friends but make sure to visit home when you can. Your parents miss you and want to hear all of your fun stories as well. This is a great place to connect with your family by helping them feel like they are with you every step of the way on your journey at St. Lawrence College.

Write yourself reminders on sticky notes, and try to keep as organized as you can. Using the calendar application on your phone and laptop, an agenda, or a dry-erase board can be greatly beneficial when keeping track of assignments.

My Future Self will thank you, First Year Self, so don’t pull all-nighters, get as involved as you can, and always remember where you came from. College is what you make of it, so live up to its fullest.

See you soon,

Future Self