Four Reasons Why You Should Come to SLC’s Fall Open House

If you’re currently in the process of choosing which college and program to attend, let us first say, CONGRATULATIONS!

For many students, the most important step in your college decision process is to visit the campus where you will be spending the next few years. This is why campuses throw Open House events! If you have decided to attend an Open House event, you are making the biggest stride towards becoming the new “college” you!

You are invited to the most exciting day in November! 

This Saturday, November 5th, St. Lawrence College will be having their Fall Open House!

Why should you go to the SLC Open House this Saturday? SLC Life has listed four reasons to help you decide!

Campus Tours: The campus tours are a guided by student ambassadors currently in your program of interest. This is the perfect opportunity to pick their brain and ask some important questions such as:

  • Why did you pick St. Lawrence College?
  • What are the best/worst parts of your program?
  • Are you living on residence or are you commuting?
  • What is it like to commute in Kingston/Brockville/Cornwall?
  • If you live on residence, what do you like and dislike about it?
  • What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
  • What do you do for fun on weekends?

Speak to a Program Coordinator: Speaking to a program coordinator allows you to uncover what will keep you motivated about the program. Plus, you get to meet the teachers that will be guiding you towards your goals! We suggest asking questions such as:

  • What do students find most challenging about this program?
  • What is your availability like outside of the classroom?
  • Is there opportunities for internships and placements?
  • What types of careers are available?
  • What type of support is offered for struggling students?

You can win cool stuff:  If you’re still not convinced, the opportunity to win some swag should hopefully win you over! There’s always a big giveaway and a free swag bag for you to take home. In the past students have won iPads, gift cards and tons of swag!

You can explore: Make sure to do some investigating for yourself and get a feel for the campus. This is your opportunity to check out the free and special services offered as a student, such as student jobs through career services, exercising in the SHAC and getting a tutor from the Math and Writing Centre! Don’t miss the chance to explore the surrounding city while you are here, ask around for local dining suggestions and make yourself more familiar with what the town has to offer! This could become your home for the next decade!

If you just cannot wait to come, register here – we want to make sure there is enough free food for everyone!

If you still aren’t sure you can spare the time, or can’t see the need to come and join the fun, check out our #SLCLifer Lindsay’s story about why the SLC Open House helped her make the best decision of her life.

Lindsays Story:
“I remember when I came to St Lawrence College’s Kingston campus to attend their Open House event. If I had not attended the Open House I could have made an unfitting decision for myself. I originally attended the event to check out the Veterinary Technician program. After the presentation and tour, I began to ask myself: Can I see myself in this job? Is this the right fit for my skills? I was able to see that although Veterinary Technician is a rewarding career it was not going to be the right fit for me. At the same time, I realized that I enjoyed having the tour of the school and decided that I still wanted to attend school at St Lawrence College but for a different program. That was 4 years ago and I have never regretted the decision I made for myself. So remember, even if the program seems to suit your needs, you still need to be aware of your personal well-being and how a new culture can suit you.  Change is good! But it’s easier to adjust when you like it.”