How Advertising and Marketing has Changed my Life

This September I will be entering my second year of the Advertising and Marketing Communications (AMC) program here at St. Lawrence College. Throughout my first year of the AMC program I have changed as a person in so many ways. Here is a first hand look at how this experience has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Development of Passion

I cannot say this enough! Since beginning the AMC program I have really started to develop a passion for marketing. In my opinion, it all starts with the faculty, our class, and the classroom environment.

Our faculty are not only teachers, they are entrepreneurs with real world experiences that allows them to share unique perspectives within the classroom.  A perfect example of this is my Marketing Principles instructor Laura Kittner, who graduated from the AMC program and now owns Tangent MTW, a marketing agency in downtown Kingston.

Each professor takes time to understand and learn about every student so they can further develop our unique skills as a group and as individuals. I always look forward to class everyday because I am eager to learn new skills from my classmates, and faculty. Everyone as a collective group makes the AMC program so much fun!

Deeper Understanding of Marketing On A Corporate Level

In the Advertising and Marketing program we learn through hands on experimentation. We dive right into concepts, theories, and execution. A perfect example of this is a project in our Advertising and Creative Development course last semester. We had the responsibility of creating, and fully executing a marketing campaign for a local business. Over the 14 week period each team worked hard to ensure everything was completed on time. This project was a true test of our teamwork, marketing, and creative planning skills. Overall it was an amazing experience, of which we were able to see come to fruition at the 2016 Gregg Awards.

Marketing is everywhere

In a society that is fast paced and non-stop, marketing is more important now than ever before. You may not realize it, but you probably see some form of marketing everyday.

Through the AMC program I have learned the importance of marketing in our society, and how it affects us as consumers on a daily basis. Through consumer profiling we are able to look at, and analyze the behavior of individual consumers, and groups. This has allowed me to better understand buying behavior.

The process of customer profiling and evaluation of consumer behavior is essential in the marketing industry. By going through the process of evaluating demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behavior responses it allows marketers to better understand consumers, through defining their unique needs, wants and capacity to buy.

Ultimately, if we have a better understanding of our consumers it allows us to market our products in a way that is appealing to them, ensuring we are providing a useful product or service to the intended consumer. Overall, the power that comes with knowledge of marketing can change your life, and how you see business forever.

Chad Lees