How Working on Campus has Changed my Life


Working as a Peer Contact Representative has allowed me to gain valuable work experience in my field of Advertising and Marketing. 

Gaining Experience: I have gained more experience in social media marketing and social media management using tools such as Hootsuite and various social media platforms.

Refining Skills: It has allowed me to continue to refine my graphic design skills by learning new concepts, and learning from the feedback of others (e.g. Learning from my supervisors and co-workers while working with Photoshop). I have had the opportunity to create content that is promoted through SLC Life’s various social media platforms.

Managing Relationships: I am also gaining experience in the direct sales side as well as with calls. A large responsibility as a Peer Contact is managing the relationship of prospective students as they make important post-secondary decisions. This is done through social media, email, calls, and more.

New Opportunities: Working at the centre has provided me with opportunities to learn more about the customer service side of marketing – working at the kiosk has helped me gain much needed customer service skills, and helped me to interact with the public better.

Working on campus has also allowed me to keep my skills sharp for my next semester in the Advertising and Marketing Program. As a student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program, I enjoy working with like-minded people who improve my knowledge within my field.

Having this opportunity allows me to never forget about marketing, because I am constantly reminded of a concept everyday by my co-workers. I am also learning more marketing concepts such as social media marketing (SMM), which will help me in my future college endeavours. My goal is to take what I learn here, and eventually apply it somewhere into my studies.

Ultimately, this opportunity is a big step forward in developing my work ethic, and determination to get projects done on time and at a high level of quality. Having great support from my co-workers and supervisors help ensure that I am kept in check and continuously growing.

I know the transition to school in the fall will be easy because I am constantly using the skills I have been taught in my daily job. My routine will continue to improve and I look forward to demonstrating these skills and sharing them with my peers.

– Chad Lees