Moving to a New City: 3 Major Tips

This year I began a new chapter of my life.

Graduating from high school just last June I began to prepare for my big move out of mom’s house and into residence at St Lawrence College. Working two jobs during the summer, I was excited to come start a new life in a new place with no work and ready to learn. Speaking of which, this brings me to my first tip:

1. Get a Job

Living on your own mean you have to provide for yourself! Even if you’re lucky enough to have your parents or other relative send you money for groceries and other items you need, it’s nice to have extra money in the bank. I strongly recommend getting a job during the summer before coming to school! That way you can have a little extra for those times that you want to go out and have dinner with your friends or maybe buy yourself something nice from the campus bookstore (believe me, it happens a lot!).

I also suggest reaching out to alumni or the faculty for your program and asking them about how many hours you should work given your program difficulty and workload.
Lastly, before coming to SLC check out for jobs for current students as well as SLC Career Services for help with resumes, cover letters, interviews, and applications! St. Lawrence College offers a variety of jobs just for students that will work around your class schedule and Career Services is an amazing resource to help you get job-ready.

2. Get Involved

Before even attending St. Lawrence College I got involved: I joined a varsity athletics team! I met 40+ fantastic women and coaching staff that knew the college, the city and could help me out with any questions I had. Getting involved right away gave me the opportunity to make new friends quickly! I definitely recommend joining clubs, committees and/or sports teams whether it be associated with St. Lawrence or in the community. Social interaction is important, and is great to keep you organized, try something new and get your mind off school sometimes.

Check out the SLC Student Association and SLC Athletics to learn more about the fun groups the college has to offer!

3. Focus on Your Future

I when finished high school and moved out to live on my own is when I experienced the more freedom than I have had before. Being so young, there’s so many influences and distractions that take you away from why you are here, in a new city, at a new college.

Something that is really important to remember not only in your first year of college but during your time spent at St. Lawrence College is why you’re here in the first place. Sometimes it is to remember why you are doing this, distractions are plentiful, but keeping your end goal in mind will keep you going in the right direction. Oh yeah: make goals, stick to them and make them meaningful.

Long story short, make some money for yourself before college and in the holidays in between semesters; get involved and experience the benefits of meeting new people and trying new things; and focus on why you are here and what is really important to you.

– Ashley Dubois, Peer Contact & SLC Lifer