Taylor’s Top Apps for Students

Being a student can be tough with so many assignments and commitments that we are responsible for. To help deal with the overwhelming responsibilities, here are some of my favourite apps that can help you transfer files and pictures/videos, budget your money, schedule and organize as well as make eating healthy convenient for those late night study sessions.

1. MyStudyLife: This app centralizes all of your typical paper planner notes and commitments into one place. This can be helpful if you prefer to have a calendar on your mobile device or forget your planner a lot. Using this app will help you centralize notes across different platforms as well.

2. Dropbox: Dropbox can store images, videos and documents and makes it easy to send large files seamlessly. It can also connect to your computer and other devices to store passwords and print documents wirelessly.

3. Mint: This app helps tremendously with budgeting and saving money, so you can
spend less on groceries and more on fun stuff like Fort Fright. The app also connects to your bank account and will help you to see where your money is going each month. Mint will show you ways that you can cut back or save on various expenses in your budget which is a win-win.

4. Flipp: This is my favourite app to help create a affordable grocery list and find deals at
local grocery stores (e.g. price matching). This app has most of the flyers for local stores and you can cut coupons and deals on the app to show to a cashier for price matching. Flipp also has the ability to connect rewards cards to the app so you don’t need to carry around a all of those pesky cards in your wallet!

-Taylor (SLC Life Peer Contact)