Tips for Navigating an Online Course

  1. Check into your online course like you would any other course. If you treat online classes just like you would on campus courses it’ll make it easier to form a routine of spending the time each week on the course. I recommend checking with the instructor on how long you should be spending each week on lectures/work since the classes aren’t assigned a time slot.

  2. Get a binder and notebook just like you would for most other courses. Take notes and keep track of assignment due dates as well as test due dates. Blackboard and the course learning plan can be a great resource to refer to for dates of assignments and tests. There is even a calendar feature in blackboard that you can add due dates to for all your classes.

  3. Email your professor ! Online courses have professors just like any other in class courses  and it is your responsibility to check in with them if you are unsure or questioning something about the course. This will help clear up any confusion and help you to feel supported.

  4. Get ahead on reading week! If possible try to check into your course over reading week and do some light work as chances are that you will have an assignment due the next week and you don’t want to fall behind.

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Author: Taylor Wilcox