The Team

Your time at college is important and we want to help make it as easy, fun and efficient as possible. As the new SLC Life Team, we all have different backgrounds and experiences that have developed our perspective and knowledge about life at SLC!

Danika Bellemare


Hey, everyone! My name is Danika (Dan-eek-ah) Bellemare and I’m going to my third year of the Business Administration – Marketing program here at St. Lawrence College. I was born and raised in Kingston and love the college so much I decided to move right across the street! I like to spend my time unhealthily binge watching reality TV shows and helping others pronounce my name right. I enjoy exercising at the gym on campus as much as my motivation will allow me and then deciding what kind of take-out I’m craving for dinner immediately after. I am a huge doggo lover (as I have three) and can carry on complete, intelligent conversations about that funny puppy video you saw last week.

I am super excited to be a member of the SLCLife family working towards making SLC your second home just as it has become mine. Please feel free to stop me in the halls if you have any questions, especially if you open with a picture of your dog!


Klaryssa Hawkins


Hi my name is Klaryssa! I’m from Fredericton, New Brunswick and moved to Kingston this past year to attend St. Lawrence College.  I am a passionate supporter of individuals with special needs, which has lead me to continue to pursue education in the Honours of Bachelor Behavior Psychology program this fall. I am also a member of the SLC women’s basketball team. When participating in extracurricular activities, you are in control of making your own college experience. I feel that it is important to experience all that life at SLC has to offer, because it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom. I look forward to working with SLCLife by helping students get the most out of what the college and city has to offer.


Trevor Griffith


Hello, my name is Trevor. I am a graduate of the three-year Construction Engineering Management program from Fanshawe College. I had roughly six years of experience within the construction industry before returning to school to pursue Business. I am currently in the three-year Business Marketing Administration program at St. Lawrence, entering into my third year. Returning to school as a mature student has presented some challenges but I am more than happy with my decision! The marketing industry has presented an unparalleled opportunity for advancement and self development, which are both highly encouraged and supported here at St. Lawrence College.

I enjoy the simple things in life, from sports, to video games and a few things in between. Residing over an hour away, I drive to the college everyday for class which takes up a large amount of my free time, but it is more than worth it for the atmosphere as well as the personal and professional experiences I have received here. I am looking forward to being part of the school as more than just a student and am excited to hear your story and what you have to say!