How To Spend Valentine’s Day 2018 With SLC!

Valentine’s Day just passed and we are all excited about todays discounted chocolate. Next year, you might be away from home and be celebrating this occasion with us at St. Lawrence College. (This year, Browns had Lobster Mac & Cheese! Trust us, it was amazing.) Here are 7 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day next year when you’re on campus!

  1. Call your family members or your best friend to celebrate the day and tell them how much you love them. Love it a strong word and only a few people in your life deserve to be loved by you, so tell them!
  1. Feb 15th all your favourite Valentine’s Day treats and chocolate to go on sale! You know all the chocolate you didn’t buy because it’s marketed to sell for your Valentine, well now Valentine’s Day is over and the chocolate is on sale so you can’t feel guilty about that, can you?
  1. Get your 8 hours of sleep in. Take time for yourself and make sure you get your rest. When you aren’t getting enough sleep you aren’t functioning at your highest level which will affect every aspect of your life. This also applies to if your tired or stressed because of school; now’s the time to catch some ZZZ’s.
  1. Have a get together with friend’s in your dorm! Invite over some friends and have a pizza party! Or watch a movie together, or play a classic game like Uno or Monopoly and just enjoy each other’s company! (You can also decorate your dorm room for this event!)
  1. #SpreadTheLove by volunteering for a local charity! There are tons of volunteering opportunities every day at all campuses! Research if there’s a local event going on that you can lend a helping hand with (also volunteering always looks good on a resume, you can even ask Career Services!
  1. Practice self-care! Read, go to the gym, take a bath or do yoga. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating yourself and your body! (Pro tip: We have an on campus gym.)
  2. Treat the day like any average day and stick to a normal . Valentine’s Day, just like any holiday, is just another date on the calendar. If you don’t have a Valentine and you don’t feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day, then don’t! Have a normal dinner, stick to your normal routine, get your homework and assignments done and go catch some ZZZ’s.

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Author: Ashley Dubios